The overarching objective of Percy E. Bolton Associates, Inc. is to understand and address the evolving interests of retirees, leading to progressive, smooth running and cost-efficient retirement income management processes.

Percy E. Bolton Associates, Inc. was founded in 1986 with the mission of providing high quality, independent consulting services. We are one of the only a few independent, fee-based firms specializing in retirement income planning and committed to providing objective and unbiased advice.

Our firm is dedicated to helping clients identify their retirement goals, evaluate their long term income needs and generate a cash flow strategy to help them live securely and comfortably throughout retirement.

Our professionals help clients gather data, develop the retirement plan, implement the suggestions, monitor the outcomes against goals and manage every phase of their pre- and post-retirement financial affairs at the household level to adjust the plan and resulting action as needed to achieve and maintain their desired standard of living.

Percy E. Bolton Associates, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor with the State of California. To ensure that the interests of both the client and the advisor remains aligned, we feel the advisor's compensation should not dependent upon commissions or transactions. The objective is to avoid conflicts of interest. Our accountability is to our clients, in keeping with the highest professional standards.

Any advisor can make this promise, Percy E. Bolton Associates, Inc. offers the experience and talent to fulfill this promise.