The components of our process are as follows: Our Process covers several components: Planning, Implementation and Monitoring.


In this phase, we will help you project your goals– where you are - where you want to be. We help you to prioritize and crystallize goals and aspirations. We analyze your current situation by gathering and organizing all of your objectives and current financial information into one consolidated report that is a snapshot of where you are today. Next, we will appraise and analyze your current assets – what you have. We will evaluate and assess your financial conditions, challenges, and opportunities as they relate to the goals. With your current asset values, we then examine your goals, assets and financial expectation to generate what we call "gap analysis" of what actions need implementing in order to help achieve your goals.

Your plan may include managing cash flow, asset allocation, tax strategies, and college planning, risk tolerance, risk management, savings plans, and annuity options, estate planning and special needs. We also will develop an investment strategy that attempts to balance your goals and your tolerance for risk. Finally, we will provide options – how to get there. We create various planning scenarios and modeling different planning techniques. Then we compare planning scenarios against "What If" situations. We will provide you suggestions and alternatives to help you achieve the stated goals. We then will generate and deliver a comprehensive written plan. Details of our recommendations are provided to you in two ways – in a comprehensive report and online through our secured website.


In the next phase, we will implement the financial decisions of the plan and establish the investment and withdrawal strategies to activate the plan. Here we will prepare an analysis of the current investment position, asset allocation study, a written investment policy statement, design manager structure and performance evaluation.

Monitoring and Supervision

In this phase, we will monitor the Plan – optimize to achieve goals. Here, we prepare ongoing progress reports, and annual reviews. We meet regularly with you to review goals and progress and to update the plan as needed. We also strategize and coordinate with other advisors (accountants, attorney, and insurance agent).