Ideal Client Profile

Percy E. Bolton Associates, Inc. is in the business of helping pre-retirees and retirees live a better life.  

Our ideal client is an individual or family:

  • Is in the retirement or drawdown stage of life.
  • Is in the pre-retirement stage of life, within 1 to 5 years remaining until retirement.
  • Is concerned about outliving his/her assets.
  • Is in need of "retirement income" and desires a consistent 'paycheck' like cash flow.
  • Wants to consolidate assets into a complete income strategy.
  • Wants a complement or alternative to annuity products or other "retirement-income" type vehicles.
  • May not necessarily be in retirement or pre-retiree stage but is looking for a specific cash flow stream.  

If you fit this description of our ideal client and want to find out if a relationship may be appropriate, start the onboarding process today.