Fee Schedule

Percy E. Bolton Associates works only on a fee basis.  We do not accrue any benefit from brokerage commissions, finder's fees, or splitting of money management fees.  As a fee-only firm we do not sell investment or insurance products nor offer brokerage or actuarial services. To ensure that the interests of both the client and the advisor remain aligned, we feel the advisor's compensation should not be dependent upon commissions or transactions.  The objective is to avoid conflict of interest.

Individual one-on-one consultation is the most effective way to define your goals, learn the most appropriate strategies and achieve greater financial security. Structured, planned and organized, as well as being tailored to your needs or personal agenda. All sessions are individual and can be completed either face-to-face or virtually.

Service: Comprehensive Retirement Income Management

We will develop a comprehensive retirement income program that will support you on your path to optimal financial wellness and retirement well-being. With this plan, we will prepare ongoing progress reports and quarterly reviews. We will meet regularly with you to review goals and progress and to update the plan as needed.  We also strategize and coordinate with other advisors (accountants, attorney, and insurance agent). We will provide ongoing planning and we will monitor life transitions that the Client is in and expects to be experiencing.

Monthly Fee Calculation The fee will be billed and payable monthly. The fee is calculated by using the following scale:

  • $250 monthly fee if your investment assets are between $0-$500,000
  • $500 monthly fee if your investment assets are between $500,001-$1,000,000
  • $750 monthly fee if your investment assets are between $1,000,001-$1,500,000
  • $1,00 monthly fee if your investment assets are between $1,500,001-$3,000,000
  • $1,500 monthly fee if your investment assets are $3,000,001+

Service: Investment Consulting Program

Our Consulting Process include the development of client's investment program. This development consists of the following activities: 1) Assist with establishing goals and objectives, 2) Develop the asset allocation framework, 3) Prepare a written Investment Policy Statement 4) Help select the appropriate investment style, 5) Serves as the primary contact for service and advice, and 6) Continually monitor the investment plan against the stated goals. This engagement includes implementation of all suggestions, telephone support, ongoing advice and meetings as required.

Cost: Annual Retainer Levels: $6,000-$15,000. Fees are determined based on the complexity of the client's circumstances and the degree of consulting required. We bill for this fee quarterly in arrears